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Time to Book 2018 Elk and Merriam Turkey Hunts

Hard to believe that the New Year is already here!  2017 turned out to be a great year for hunting big bull elk, mule deer and the wary Merriam Turkey here in the mountains of Northern New Mexico.  And it was a good year for the Timbers and our many hunter friends.  Thanks to new private hunting land leases we’ve been able to add more hunts for 2018 and accommodate some hunters whose dates were sold out last year.

As of this writing we have Merriam Turkey dates still available for April 2018 and a limited number of rifle bull elk hunts and archery elk hunts.  Cow elk and Mule Deer hunts are unfortunately sold out for 2018 but if you contact us we can start to plan your trip for 2019 for these two popular hunting packages.

What makes the Timbers at Chama hunting packages so popular?  Well for starters it’s the quality of the game herds here in the high country of Northern New Mexico.  We are blessed with some of the finest forage and cover habitat for elk and mule deer anywhere in the Rocky Mountains.  Much of the Chama River Valley and the surrounding Brazos and San Juan Mountains is pristine wilderness.  This gives the adult elk and mule deer plenty of room to roam and develop strong healthy herds.  And it assures a high survival rate for the young, making the elk and deer herds self sustaining.

Then there is the quality of the hunting experience.  You will be hunting exclusively on private land in the famous New Mexico Unit 4 with local guides who know this back country like no one else.  We provide transportation to and from the hunting grounds, retrieve your game and deliver it to the processor.  If you prefer we can even dress your mule deer, elk or turkey right here at the Timbers.

And then of course there is the famous Timbers hospitality.  The beautiful but rustic Timbers lodge has every creature comfort you could want.  Luxury furnishings, big open spaces and some of the best cooking in Northern New Mexico.  You will always find a warm welcome and fellowship your hosts.

Why not contact the Timbers and make plans for a 2018 elk or turkey hunt?  We customize every package to exceed your expectations and to truly make the Timbers a hunt of a lifetime!

Blessings for a healthy and prosperous 2018!  Hope to see you this year.