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Springtime is Turkey Time

There is something magical about the elusive Merriam Turkey.  The largest game bird found in Northern New Mexico, the Tom turkeys can attain weights of 20 pounds or more in this region.

Turkey harvest at the Timbers at ChamaThe Merriam’s wild turkey is a subspecies of the familiar wild turkey, once recommended by Ben Franklin as the National symbol of the United States.  The Merriam Turkey ranges through the Rocky Mountains and the neighboring prairies of Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota, as well as much of the high mesa country of New Mexico, Arizona, southern Utah and The Navajo Nation.  The estimated number of wild Merriam Turkeys is between 334,460 to 344,460 birds. The subspecies has also been introduced into Oregon. The initial releases of Merriam’s turkeys in 1961 resulted in establishing a remnant population of Merriam’s turkeys along the east-slope of Mt. Hood and natural immigration of turkeys from Idaho has established Merriam’s flocks along the eastern border of Oregon. Merriam’s wild turkeys live in Ponderosa Pine and mountainous regions and are found throughout the Timbers hunting range. This subspecies was named in 1900 in honor of Clinton Hart Merriam, the first chief of the U.S. Biological Survey. The tail and lower back feathers have white tips and purple and bronze reflections.

Every April, the Timbers at Chama offers a small group of hunters the chance to harvest their turkey and enjoy the comforts of the Timbers Lodge.  All turkey hunts are on private land and include your guide service, accommodations and meals.  Given the abundance of Merriam Turkeys in this Northern New Mexico paradise you are almost certain to bag your Tom turkey on every trip.

This is a popular hunt at the Timbers and we are sold out for 2018, but we are accepting applications for 2019.  It’s a good idea to call early so we can reserve you a spot.  Or if you prefer, drop us an email and we will get right back to you.  You can contact the Timbers at Chama here.