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Celebrate New Mexico Snow!

It’s beeSnow covers New Mexico house to roofn a wet winter in the Chama River Valley, Northern New Mexico and the Colorado mountains.  As of January 27, Weatherstreet.com was reporting snow depths of up to 112 inches in the passes near the Colorado, New Mexico border.  Here’s a picture of our Colorado cabin.  As you can see you can walk right up to the roof.

All this snow can make it hard to get around, but it makes for great snowmobiling on an Arctic Cat, our favorite brand of outdoor sport machines.  And the snow covered mountains sure are one of nature’s most beautiful sights.  This much snow makes it hard for the elk, mule deer and other foraging animals to find food and so they migrate to lower elevations like the San Antonio Mountain of New Mexico.  Elk can even be seen around the farms and ranches near the Village of Chama, when hunger overcomes their natural fear of humans.

Soon, all this snow will begin to melt.  That is good news for the elk, mule deer and Merriam turkey that inhabit the Timbers at Chama ranch lands.  A wet winter means a green spring and summer, offering plenty of forage for the young animals that will be born in the seasons ahead.  A good forage base is essential to the survival all animals, but especially the newborns.

With a winter like this we can expect healthy growing herds in the years ahead. So let’s celebrate one of nature’s great gifts – snow!