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Thank you so much again for such a wonderful holiday at your ranch. Your warm hospitality, kindness and good assistance in exploring of the area in the combination of surprisingly beautiful lodge and great food made our stay perfect. For someone who spent most of their life in Europe such as my self, it was really amazing to experience the land of New Mexico; in particular the area of The Chama valley and The Timbers ranch. I was amazed by the huge space that you have there, the ranch is seated far away from the road, and the lodge is way back on the ranch, so there are no people no houses, no noise just the rough nature and some wild animals.

We stayed at your lodge and “wow” how that was beautiful. The lodge with its living room and all the bedrooms is just amazing and on top of that a Jacuzzi tub on the terrace with wonderful view in the day time, spectacular sunset and at the nights I was surprised by all the stars in the sky I was able to see. I have seen many sky’s in different places on this Globe. But the sky above The Chama valley was the most impressive for me. The nights are so dark and the stars are so clear and shiny that you get a felling you have only to reach out your hand and you can touch them.

I enjoyed so much the horse ride trip to the top of the mountain behind the lodge with your guide Thomas. Even though I am not an experienced horse rider I had so much fun being on the horse and seeing it all from much higher perspective. Thomas is a great nature guide, even though he is still very young he knows a lot about it. And he is a fabulous company who will tell you all the interesting stuff of the area. On the top I was enjoying the beautiful view of the whole area and of the charming village of Chama and on the way back the sunset.

It was amazing to ride the Cumbers & Toltec Scenic Railroad on the Steam machine to be on and feel the land of the real Wild West; the land of Indians and cowboys and the other settlers of the real Old West. We have done the trip to very green Colorado through the Indian Reserves seeing the Aztecan ruins’ and that all in one day. One of the great things about your ranch is that it lies just on the right spot. You can do so many different day trips, fully enjoy your day and still be back for your delicious dinner.

All in all it was a great experience for me. To be honest I didn’t want to leave, if I wouldn’t need to be back in Europe I would stay.

I am thankful I had a chance to experience all this and I treasured every moment of it. It made me feel so good I could connect so well with the nature there and get my batteries recharged. And I am sure I will be back one day soon.

I want you to know I am recommending your ranch to all my friends back in Europe and absolutely to every one who wants to experience the first class accommodation in the natural beauty of the rough wilderness.

With love and joy,