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Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is devoted to preserving elk populations and elk habitat throughout the Rocky Mountain Region.  At the Timbers at Chama, we practice low-impact hunting.  This means carefully planning every aspect of every elk hunt to minimize damage to the environment, following all game regulations to the letter and waiting for a clear shot to avoid the accidental wounding of other members of the herd.  These principles and others are part of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation code of ethics.

Hunting elk is a privilege not to be taken lightly.  Although the elk herds in New Mexico’s Unit 4 are thriving, growing human populations and the loss of habitat put pressure on the elk and other wildlife. Recent droughts only make matters worse.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation permanently protects crucial elk winter and summer ranges, migration corridors, calving grounds and other vital areas, while focusing on securing and improving hunter access throughout elk country. Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation  land conservation tools include: acquisitions, access agreements and easements, conservation easements, land and real estate donations, land exchanges and associated acres.

That’s why the Timbers at Chama contributes to and supports the efforts of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.  We encourage you to visit the official website of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to learn more and consider becoming a member of this organization.