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A Few Rifle Bull Elk Hunts Open for 2018

A Few Rifle Bull Elk Hunts Open for 2018

There is nothing quite like harvesting a majestic Bull Elk high in the New Mexico Rocky Mountains.  This is outdoor adventure at its most extreme.  At the Timbers at Chama you will go one-on-one with nature.  Far from the crowded hunting grounds, the Timbers offers every hunter his or her unique experience.  At the Timbers you will hunt exclusively on private lands in New Mexico’s legendary Unit 4.  When you take to the field you’ll know that your party is the only party on this section of land.  A land of unsurpassed natural beauty with abundant herds of healthy, free roaming Elk.

That’s one of the many reasons the Timbers at Chama has become a favorite destination for so many Elk hunters from around the World.  Yes, the lavish accommodations, gourmet meals and all-around welcoming atmosphere help to bring back many guests year after year.  We call it Living Life Timbers style.

And now as we draw close to another great Elk Hunting season, we’d like to extend a welcome to you, too.  Thanks to the many acres of land we’ve been able to add this season, we have a few dates still open for last-minute plans for Rifle Elk Hunters.  The hunting has been great so far this year, and November always produces its share of big Buck Elk.

So there is no need to wait for 2019.  Enjoy your Elk Hunt of a lifetime right now!  Give us a call and let’s make a plan.

Every Timbers Elk Hunt is custom made.  From accommodations, to gourmet meals, to any special needs in the field, the Timbers staff is here for you.  The season may be slipping away, but there is still time to make memories that will last a lifetime.  We certainly hope to see you in the next few weeks.  Please check out the remaining dates here.