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A Few Prime 2017 Elk Hunt Dates Now Available

If you’ve been disappointed by sold out elk hunts for 2017, we have some very good news.  Thanks to the success of our returning hunters, the Timbers has been able to secure leases on additional Unit 4 private elk hunting land for 2017.  As of this writing we have the dates of September 2-6 and 9-13 for archery elk hunts.  For rifle bull elk hunts we have November 2-8, 16-20 and December 2-6.

These are fully guided elk hunt packages that include deluxe accommodations, professional guide services, gourmet meals, transportation to and from the hunt sites and delivery of your elk to the local Chama game processor.  Or, if you prefer, we will process your elk in the Timber’s own facility.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime elk hunt.  New Mexico’s Unit 4 is well know for its large herds of healthy trophy size elk.  We hunt exclusively on private land.  You and your party will have the wilderness all to your selves.  And our success rate is close to 100%.

Depending on your skill and experience as a hunter you can chose between the thrill of an archery hunt or a rifle hunt for migratory elk.  Either way you will have the services of our local professional guides.  These guides live and work in Chama year-round and spend a lot of time in the Unit 4 wilderness.  In this way they come to know the habits and locations of the largest bull elk.  These guides will put you on the herds of elk and the rest is up to you.

Hunting at the Timbers is an experience you won’t soon forget.  From the warm reception to the custom planning for your adventure that goes into every Timbers elk hunt, you’ll understand why so many of our friends return year after year.

So grab a date while you can and join us for our expanded 2017 elk hunt adventure!  Check here for the latest update on available elk hunt packages.