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New Mexico Elk Hunting Regulations

The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish regulates the hunting and harvest of Elk in the state of New Mexico.

All hunters of Elk, Mule Deer and Merriam Turkey are required to possess a current Game Hunting License or a Game Hunting and Fishing License.  You’ll need to obtain this license prior to any hunt at the Timbers; we do not sell hunting or fishing licenses on the premises.  All hunters and fishers will also need a Habitat Management and Access Validation.  These are sold through any of the hunting license dealers.

In general, Timbers Elk, Mule Deer and Merriam Turkey hunters will not need a Habitat Stamp as all of our hunts are conducted on private land.  If you plan on doing some additional fishing or hunting while in the area, however, you will need this stamp if you plan on entering Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management property.

The State of New Mexico uses a draw system for Elk hunts, Mule Deer hunts and some Merriam Turkey hunts.  At the Timbers, whether you are hunting elk, hunting mule deer or hunting Merriam Turkeys, we will provide the permit as part of your hunting package.  Avoid the disappointment of failing in the draw and plan you Timbers hunting trip with complete confidence.

This brief overview of New Mexico hunting regulations is by no means complete and is subject to change. For a complete set of hunting and fishing regulations, visit the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish website.