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You have no idea how grateful I am to you and your staff for the experience I had hunting at The Timbers. I actually welled up when we were getting ready to leave! As you know this trip was Randy’s dream and I was more than willing to let him “have at it”. However, he wanted me right there with him. Leaving my comfort zone of heated deer blinds and well stocked feeders was more than daunting. I was very apprehensive about being up for the challenge of a free-range hunt. Add a nasty bout of bronchitis to it and I was scared toa. You and your staff were incredibly accommodating and very understanding, my guide Greg was fantastic, very patient and a lot of fun (I still find myself doing that little whistle) and taking home that 5X6 back to Texas was definitely the icing on my cake!! My opportunity to do the “Tarzan yell”. We really had a great time.