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Why are hunts suspended for 2019?

Once in a while circumstances dictate that a man must turn his attention to matters other than hunting.  Painful as it is, we have decided to take a break from hunting at the Timbers for the full 2019 hunting season.  We love the Timbers and though the work is hard, taking our hunter friends into the field is one of the most fulfilling things we do.  Every year we’ve seen the number of hunters grow.  By adding more land, we’ve been able to continue to offer quality hunting experiences while accommodating more hunters every year.

This year, we simply had to make a tough decision.  Growing a new business and taking more time for the family meant we would have to reduce our attention to the Timbers.  We were concerned that we would not be able to provide the quality hunting experience that our guests have come to expect.  And so, after much deliberation, we decided it would be wise to take a break from hunting in 2019 and see what the future holds.

To all of our long-term hunter friends and returning guests, we hope you will understand.  If you were hoping to make 2019 your first year to hunt “Timbers Style” we hope you will contact us this fall and discuss plans for 2020.  Thanks you for your understanding! – Bill and Rhonda Glisson and all of us at the Timbers