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Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!

The Timbers at Chama is born and bred from a strong belief in independence.  With its wide open spaces, miles of stunning wilderness  and crisp clean air, Northern New Mexico encourages you to explore and savor the fruits of freedom.

At the Timbers, we provide the platform for your independent adventure whether it is hunting for trophy size Elk, fishing for lunker trout or exploring remote wilderness mountains.  From its humble beginnings, the Timbers at Chama has become one of the pre-eminent destinations for Elk hunters from around the globe.  Why?  Because we always cater to the needs of you, our client, first.

The Timbers excels in personal service.   Before you sign up for one of our all-inclusive guided hunts, we will spend time getting to know your personal preferences and aspirations.  Maybe you haven’t been hunting for a number of years.  Maybe you prefer steak to trout.  Or maybe you want to introduce your son or daughter to the thrill of big game hunting.  At the Timbers we can accommodate most every need or wish.

And, independence is the theme of our private land hunting as well.  We own and lease extensive hunting lands in New Mexico’s famous Unit 4.  These are some of the most productive habitats for Rocky Mountain Elk, huge Mule Deer and the elusive Merriam Turkey.  Out private land hunts give you the independence to hunt without the pressure of other hunters in your area.  When you hunt with the Timbers, you’ll know that you are the only hunting party on the range.

To all our returning friends and new friends too, we hope you have a safe and enjoyable July 4th.  And join us in giving thanks to those who help make this a free and independent nation!