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Merriam Turkey Hunt Dates Open for April 2017

Looking for a new challenge and a one-of-a-kind hunting adventure? Why not test your skills hunting the elusive Merriam Turkey. The Merriam Turkey is among the largest game birds in in the United States. Although these big birds were almost hunted to extinction for food in the 1800’s they have been successfully re-introduced in suitable […]

Taking Reservations for Archery Elk Hunts 2017 Season

If you are an avid archery hunter, then you won’t want to miss the opportunity to harvest a big bull elk with the Timbers at Chama.  We just finished another great season, putting our hunters onto numerous elk here in the high country of Chama, New Mexico.  We were sold out again in 2016 but […]

New Mexico Hunting Regulations

Elk and Mule Deer season is just about on us!  This is a great time to get your hunting gear in order and hone up on current hunting regulations.  Each year the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish publishes an update of hunting regulations.  The complete publication is available for free download here. Here […]

2017 Hunt Dates for Mule Deer Open Now

The Mule Deer is one of the most prized big game animals in North America.  Historically, the Mule Deer has been part of Western cultures dating back to indigenous people who prized the Mule Deer for it’s meat, it’s hide and it’s massive horns.  Today, the Mule Deer is sought after by big game hunters […]

Happy Independence Day 2016!

Your friends at the Timbers at Chama are taking time out to give thanks for this great nation of ours!  While we get ready for the upcoming Elk and Mule Deer hunts this fall, we wanted to thank all of our clients who’ve become great friends over the years for making the Timbers at Chama […]

Elk in New Mexico – An Amazing Recovery

Judging by the huge herds of healthy Rocky Mountain Elk that roam the highlands of our New Mexico Unit 4 in and around Chama, it is hard to imagine that just about 100 years ago the majestic elk was extirpated from New Mexico altogether.  According to a brochure from the New Mexico Department of Game […]

Shooting Times Magazine

Watch Huntley Ritter hunt elk in the famed Unit 4 of Chama, NM with Bill Glisson of The Timbers at Chama. Huntley shows why this truly is the Land of Enchantment! Watch the full episode online here:http://www.thefordoutfitters.com/episodes

Happy Texan Connects on Archery Elk Hunt

                  This east Texan connects on his first archery elk hunt. With family in tow I believe they went three for three bull elk this season at the Timbers at Chama. I also understand he is a better Zydeco dancer than archer. First photo is with our […]

No Place like The Timbers

There is no place like The Timbers! Bill and Rhonda have a staff that truly make you feel like you are at home. Of course, there are no better two people than Bill and Rhonda Glisson. The beauty of The Timbers is breath taking. (So is walking up the mountain!) You will never forget your […]

Giving Thanks, Timbers at Chama Cow Elk Hunts

by SAGE FAULKNER on DECEMBER 2, 2010  We hunted during Thanksgiving, bull and cow elk hunters. Most exciting was the two young ladies who hunted cow elk. Still in high school, they were everything you would hope for in young hunters. The next generation of hunters is a force to be reckoned with, smart, hard-working, and did I […]