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Looking Out for Future Generations

Looking out for Future Generations of Elk and Elk Hunters

As 2018 draws to a close we find ourselves reflecting on the previous year and looking to the future.  Surrounded by our kids and grandkids, it’s easy to wonder about the kind of wilderness experience they will inherit from us.

Hunting is a big part of our lives at the Timbers as I’m sure it is for you.  The elk herds in northern New Mexico are truly one of nature’s wonders.  These majestic animals, the largest of the deer family, are both abundant and extremely healthy.  Large bull and cow elk are the norm here and their reputation is known by hunters the world over.

But, that was not always the case.  As this article from New Mexico Wildlife details, extensive hunting and over-harvesting once wiped out the elk in northern New Mexico.  Breeding colonies were re-established using Rocky Mountain elk from Colorado and strict measures were put in place to protect the species and its habitat.  If it were not for the foresight and wisdom of hunters, ranchers and game managers who came before us we might not be hunting elk at the Timbers today!

Given the abundance of healthy elk today, it would be easy to take these herds for granted.  But the truth is, threats to the health of the elk and their environment continue to this day.  Only though constant vigilance can we insure the future of elk hunting in New Mexico.  Hunters, ranchers and game managers all work together so future generations will thank us as we thank those who came before us.

As a major landholder with extensive prime elk habitat, we take our responsibility seriously.  Living Life Timbers Style is more than just a slogan to us.  It is a commitment to sound management practices, adherence to hunting regulations, and a respect for the varying needs and skill levels of our guests that informs every decision we make.  Sure, we love the thrill of the hunt.  And we love the luxury that the Timbers provides us and our guests.  But we never forget the future and future generations of hunters.

We hope you will join us this Holiday Season in giving thanks for the awesome hunting season in 2018.  And we hope you will join us in renewing our commitment to preserving and enhancing the environment that nourishes these amazing elk herds for many years to come.

Best Wishes from all of us at the Timbers at Chama!