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Fishing At The Timbers

Huge trout at the Timbers at Chama in northern New Mexico

New Mexico’s Fishing Paradise

The Chama Valley offers so many angling opportunities that it is considered New Mexico’s fishing paradise.  The Timbers at Chama is centrally located amidst some of the best trout fishing waters in New Mexico and Colorado and the ranch staff can arrange half-day or full-day charters.

Anglers can fish for brown, brook or rainbow trout in private mountain lakes or streams on the Timbers property or venture out to the nearby Brazos, Chavez and Chama rivers. In fact, the New Mexico state record for Brown trout was caught just 20 minutes from the Timbers at Chama.

Heron and El Vado lakes hold Kokanee salmon and lake trout. A short drive away, in southern Colorado, pristine alpine lakes and the legendary Conejos River are just a short drive away.

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Fishing Rules

  • Fishing License
  • Fishing Methods
  • Posession Limits

State license required on public waters. (Contact the Timbers for current conditions and fees.)

Fishing methods limited to artificial flies and lures only with barbless hooks. (Hooks may be crimped or mashed.)

You may keep no more than two fish per person per day, neither of which may exceed 14 inches. Please keep only what you can eat fresh.

Fish Handling Instructions For Release

  • Land the fish as quickly as possible to avoid stress.
  • Leave fish in the water or in a dip net. Do not drag fish out onto the bank.
  • Grasp the hook or lure firmly (preferably with pliers or forceps) and twist slightly. If the hook does not come out easily and you must handle the fish, wet hands first. Turn the fish on its side or back – the fish should lay more still with its belly upward.
  • If photographing a fish, handle minimally as described above and return to water as quickly as possible.
  • If the fish does not swim off immediately, poke it gently with your rod tip.
  • Fish are no longer to be kept for mounting purposes; however, a replica mount may be made. For the most precise duplication of your trophy, photograph the fish and measure its overall length and girth. Do this as quickly as possible. Have camera ready prior to removing the fish from the water. Supply the Timbers with photo and measurements and we can have the mount shipped directly to you for approximately $13 per inch (shipping included). Length only, even estimated, is sufficient if necessary.

Some of Our Favorite Tackle

Spinners Dry Flies Wets & Nymphs
Panther Martin: Various Colors – Nickel or Gold Blades Best Joe’s Hopper Woolly Bugger
Blue Fox Vibrax: Nickel for clear water; Gold for darker water Elk Hair Caddis Wolly Worm
Kastmaster: Nickel – 1/8 to 1/4 oz.Cell Two Renegade Hare’s Ear
Rooster Tail: White, Brown, Pink, Orange Damsel Fly Pheasant Tail
Daredevil: Crackle Frog, Red & White, Others Mosquito San Juan Worm
Pistol Pete (actually a “Fly”): Olive, Black, Rainbow Black Gnat
Mayfly Patterns