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Family Time at the Timbers

As we approach the end of another great year here in the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico, we are reminded once again of the blessed gift that is Chama, New Mexico. With its healthy population of Rocky Mountain Elk, majestic Mule Deer and Merriam Turkeys, the wild lands of the Timbers are among the most productive hunting grounds in New Mexico or just about anywhere!

And, of course, the Timbers at Chama is a perfect destination for the whole family.

Family hunting!

It has always brought great pleasure for us at the Timbers to host a family hunting together. It isn’t always about the biggest trophy or the kill itself, it’s about the quality time spent with friends and family. The harvest of the animal is a byproduct of the experience.


father son elk hunt in new mexico father-and-son-with-new-mexico-bull-elk



In the case of the pictures shown, they represent family, first elk harvested, father and son success and for us at the Timbers, the pure pleasure of sharing this with friends.

We are blessed.

If you are considering hunting with your family for the first time, you might want to read the articles from the National Wild Turkey Federation. Good advice for for first time hunters and their parents.

From the Glisson family to your family we wish you all the best – and happy hunting – this holiday season!