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Fall Bull Elk Season Off to Great Start

As the Aspens turn to gold, the high country we call home in Chama, New Mexico comes alive with the sounds of bugling bull elk.  This is prime hunting season and if you have ever dreamed of bagging a trophy size elk, this is the time and place to do it.

Chama NM Fall 2017Here is a picture of our beautiful back country.  By now the Aspens have dropped their leaves but there is a new beauty in the frequent light snow falls that blanket the mountains around the Timbers.  This year the elk herd looks as healthy as ever thanks to a good amount of moisture last spring and into the summer.  A green spring means the elk herds will be well fed and full of energy in the fall.

The New Mexico Game and Fish Department monitors the elk stock and has predicted this will be a good year for elk throughout New Mexico.  But, as the Game Department points out, a good summer monsoon season also can make the hunt more difficult as elk will likely be dispersed over a wider area due to the abundant forage.  That’s where the Timbers gives the hunter a great advantage.  We only hunt private land, and our guides live in Chama year round.  They are out on the trail of bull elk in every season and get to know their movements.  When you arrive for your hunt, our guides will know where and when to give you the best shot a a true trophy elk.

We began the season with archery Elk in September, followed by rifle bull elk hunts in October and November.  Our hunters have scored well this year, filling out their tags with big bull elk.

Bull Elk Fall 2017 Chama NMHere is just one example of another successful elk hunt in the beautiful back country of the Timbers at Chama.

If you have not made your plans for 2018 yet, please don’t hesitate.  The best dates go fast and we are already heavily booked for next Elk and mule deer seasons.  Hope to see you in 2018!