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Advantages of Private Land Elk Hunts

Have you ever had the pleasure of hunting your own stretch of land, knowing you and your party will be the only hunters you will see all week?  That’s just one of the many advantages of hunting for wild ranging bull and cow elk at the Timbers at Chama!

According to an Elk Harvest report from the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, nearly 38,000 elk permits were issued in 2017 alone.  That’s a lot of hunters and a lot of competition.  Fortunately for elk hunters at the Timbers at Chama, most of those hunters will pursue their quarry on public lands.  Elk hunters at the Timbers have the unique opportunity to hunt over 10,000 acres of some of the best elk habitat in the famous Unit 4 the New Mexico Rocky Mountains.  All of it private.

When you book your Timbers at Chama elk hunt you are guaranteed that you will be the only party on the ranch.  On top of that, our expert local guides have spent years learning the habits of the elk herds. As hunting season nears our guides step up their game and ride the ranch on a daily basis, tracking the movements of the biggest elk.  From the first day of your hunt you will have a shot at plenty of healthy elk, with herds up to a hundred or more at times.

No draw and no permit is needed.  We will obtain all required elk hunt permits for you and your party.  We pride ourselves with offering southern hospitality and Rocky Mountain  elk hunting expertise.  Before you arrive we like to have a long conversation to find out about your special interests, needs or requirements.  New to elk hunting?  We will guide you through the whole process and help you choose and prepare the right gear for the hunt.  We enjoy introducing young hunters to the thrill and challenge of bagging their first majestic elk.  For families with non-hunters, we can arrange day trips and other activities to make their time as special as yours is too.

The Timbers also appreciates the challenges of hunting with a physical handicap.  As our intro video shows, we will gladly make special arrangements to accommodate almost any special need.  We want your elk hunt to truly be the hunt of a lifetime.

Still looking for some good elk hunt dates in 2018?  Check out photos of our 2017 hunter guests.  Then take a look at available dates and give us a call.  We’d love to hear from you and take you on an exciting elk hunting adventure this fall!